About Golden Account

This type of account gives you all the daily analyzes and recommendations that allow the trader to choose the most appropriate opportunity for his goals. The manager of the account provides you with assistance and personal analysis and teaches you the risk management in the portfolio, in addition we keep you updated on all live developments in the market directly to give you the opportunity to make the best use of opportunities,


  • Daily market analysis.
  • The leverage reaches 1:200.
  • All educational tools are available to acquire advanced trading skills.
  • Access to all trading platforms.
  • Personal Accounts Manager.
  • Up-to-date e-mails with all news and market updates.

Services covered by this account

✓ The minimum deposit is $5000
✓ Minimum trading volume $50000
✓ Daily market analysis
✓ video library
✓ Daily recommendations
✓ Support 24 hours
✓ Support VIP trading
✓ Exclusive updates.
✓ Access to the MT4 platform.


Trade with the best benefits to increase your financial returns




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