About Islamic Account 

Islamic account has been designed to give Muslims greater opportunities to trade without fear of violating Sharia as an account free of any benefits on transactions and movements at any time be held. 


  • Without the benefit/ swap fees at night positions.
  • Without the differences on the spread.
  • Without prior commissions.
  • The ability to maintain positions for an indefinite period.
  • Without re-pricing, or hidden costs.
  • The leverage reaches 1:888.
  • 100% real-time market execution.
  • Instant free access to all trading platforms
  • Customized support 24/5 from your Account Manager

Services covered by this account

✓ The minimum deposit is $10000
✓ Minimum trading volume $100000
✓ Daily market analysis
✓ video library
✓ Daily recommendations
✓ Support 24 hours
✓ Support VIP trading


Trade with the best benefits to increase your financial returns




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