About Micro Account

We have designed this type of account to be suitable for beginners in the field of trading, which includes many features that make it the best option and easier if you want to start with a little money for trading. For sure it's a real account you can enter all trading transactions through it, and allows you to carry out buying and selling ,at the same time reduces the risk of loss.


  • Reduce the Risking of the trading,the trader can monitor the little budget for the transactions without fear of loss.
  • Understanding Forex market and learn basic trading skills.
  • The usability of experience market strategies without exposure to loss

Services covered by this account

✓ The minimum deposit is $5000
✓ Minimum trading volume $50000
✓ Daily market analysis
✓ video library
✓ Daily recommendations
✓ Support 24 hours


Trade with the best benefits to increase your financial returns




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